Pleated Panel Filter


The Pleated Panel filter is manufactured with pleated synthetic media, and an expanded diamond grid with an open area of 97%. The casing frame is constructed from a heavy duty, rigid, water resistant card with support members along the diagonals. Designed for minimum resistance and maximum free filter media area, the case is also crease-formed to prevent moisture ingress. This filter is ideal for use in HVAC systems where the use of glass is unacceptable and a higher level of air cleanliness is required.


  • Moisture resistant cardboard frame (optional higher water resistant card available)
  • Fully supported G4 media bonded onto a wire support grid
  • The filtering media is bonded to the case to eliminate air bypass
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Extended surface area with higher dust holding capacities

Please be aware that all Pleated Panel filters are non-returnable.

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