Grease Mesh Filter 11

Ideal as a pre-filter of large particle contaminants. Extremely robust to withstand cleaning. Fitted with handles and drainage holes.

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Pleated Panel Filter

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 15.37.30


The Pleated Panel filter is manufactured with pleated synthetic media, and an expanded diamond grid with an open area of 97%.

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Stainless Steel Baffle Filter


This Stainless Steel Baffle Filter has undergone independent testing and has been classified as ‘A’ Grade Flame Barrier under European DIN18869-5 and will stop flame penetration past the filter as well as filtering grease.

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Howells Bradford Limited supply replacement commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation filters. All our filters are manufactured to the highest quality standard (ISO 9001). The condition of your kitchen extraction filters affects the air flow and mechanical performance within your system.

Damaged or clogged filters may result in your kitchen suffering from:

  • Fire, increased risk from combustion
  • Grease and damp on most surfaces due to low airflow performance
  • Overheated working conditions for staff
  • Smoky atmosphere
  • Vermin hazard, where baffles are missing or broken.

You can now purchase all types of commercial kitchen extraction filters such as stainless steel baffle filters, galvanised and stainless steel grease mesh filters and pleated panel filters via our on-line shop. These filters are usually available in 3-5 working days by courier delivery service. Custom-built filters can be manufactured to meet any non-standard size requirements and are usually ready in 5-10 days from date of order. Please call us on 0333 335 8844 to discuss your bespoke requirements or if you wish to purchase other types of filters, such as bag filters.

To place an order with us simply measure your old filters Height x Width x Depth as shown to the right. Please note that the handles will always be fitted centrally on the face of the height dimension of the filter.
Please note 20mm and 25mm grease mesh filters and all pleated panel filters are non-returnable. Please check your measurements using our guide.