Extractor Fans and Accessories

Extractor Fans, Gas Interlock Systems and Accessories

We supply and install all makes and models of extractor fans, speed controllers, gas interlock systems and ancillaries.

Commercial Extractor or Ventilation Fans

We can usually source modern equivalents and replacements for broken down or old units. The replacement of a commercial kitchen fan will depend on the extraction canopy/ hood, filters and duct length. Please contact us for further advice/ information.
Speed Controllers
We can supply and fit a variety of speed controllers to suit your needs, which regulate your fan’s airflow.
Gas Interlock Systems:
• What is an interlock? An interlock is a system that will not allow the gas to be turned on until the ventilation system is operating correctly.
• Why is an interlock required? An interlock is required to ensure the safety and comfort of the kitchen staff. If the ventilation system is not operating correctly, gases including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide can build up to dangerous levels. These two gases give most concern to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
• How does the interlock work? A sensor must detect an airflow above a certain threshold and then the system will allow the gas isolation valve to open, thus allowing the gas appliances to be used. If the air is NOT flowing, the gas isolation valve CANNOT open.
• The important point here is that it is not sufficient just to have a ventilation system, but that it must actually be working correctly for the chef and staff to be safe from poisoning.

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