Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Stafford

Depending on how much cooking is being carried out in your commercial kitchen, the grease build-up in your extraction system must be removed regularly. If not, the grease deposits can cause the extraction system to become inefficient and cause health issues. In worst-case scenarios, it might even cause a fire.  

Many of the kitchen fires we hear on the news are due to extraction systems not getting cleaned when they are supposed to get cleaned. As a restaurant or business owner, getting your kitchen extraction cleaned regularly is a responsibility, not just for hygiene purposes but also for the safety of your customers, staff, and your whole business.  

If you are looking for kitchen extraction cleaners you can trust and rely on, Howells Bradford Ltd is the answer. We are a team of skilled and experienced extraction cleaning specialists that offers top-notch services at budget-friendly rates. We carry out all sizes of projects across Stafford and other nearby areas. 

Reliable Kitchen Extraction Cleaning in Stafford 

Ever since Howells Bradford Ltd was established in 2007, we have never forgotten our intention: to provide clients with high-quality and professional service all the time. Our clients in the catering industry have experienced our outstanding service – the reason why they have been entrusting their kitchen cleaning needs to us throughout the years. 

We are committed to helping clients keep a safe and healthy environment by keeping their kitchens free from dangers associated with dirty and faulty kitchen equipment. Our team conducts a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the extraction system to provide the most suitable cleaning solution. This method also helps us determine any potential threat that could harm your staff and property and have them fixed right away. 

With regular kitchen extraction cleaning from the experts, you will not only prevent the risk of fire or food poisoning, but you can also keep your kitchen appliances and equipment in good running condition for the longest time possible. 

Aside from kitchen extraction cleaning, we also offer other related services, such as kitchen deep cleaning and ductwork access panel installation. We also have qualified engineers who provide reliable breakdown services, fan replacements, and more. 

To get more information about our service or request an appointment, you may contact us on telephone number 0333 335 8844. You may also email us your queries at or fill out the enquiry form provided on this website.  

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