Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Stafford

While daily cleaning is a standard for most restaurants and other businesses with kitchens, the cooking canopies and ducts are often left uncleaned. If the greasy and grimy residue keeps on building up,  it can cause unwanted consequences, such as foul odour, contamination, and worse, fire.  

Fat and grease build-up are among the most common sources of fire in commercial kitchens. To ensure everyone’s health and safety, keeping your commercial kitchen canopy regularly cleaned should not just be an option but is something you should do. 

By hiring Howells Bradford Ltd, you can have your commercial kitchen canopy cleaned by experts who have a proven track record of providing detailed and high-quality service. We are a family-owned and run business that offers comprehensive kitchen canopy cleaning for all sizes of restaurants, hotels, and other types of properties. 

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Specialists in Stafford 

Howells Bradford Ltd has been in the kitchen extraction cleaning business since 2007. Our commitment to providing safe and top-notch service is what makes our team a cut above the rest. Many of our clients are repeat customers who have been entrusting us with their kitchen cleaning needs for so many years. We also have clients who come from recommendations. We consider all of them as proof of our quality and reliable service. 

Our team has the skills and experience to clean different sizes of kitchen canopies. We will perform a detailed inspection to provide the best solution to your kitchen canopy’s cleaning needs. From the grease filter to the extractor fan and other areas, we are capable of cleaning every part of your canopy. We can remove the thickest layers of grease build-up to keep your business and health safe. 

At Howells Bradford Ltd, we strive to provide inclusive kitchen cleaning services that business owners can rely on. Aside from cleaning kitchen canopies, we also offer other services, such as general ventilation cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning. We also have qualified engineers to provide various kinds of kitchen equipment repair and maintenance, including extractor and ventilation fan replacement, and more. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need kitchen canopy cleaning or other related services. You may call us on telephone number 0333 335 8844. You may also email or fill out the enquiry form to send an appointment requeto enquire about our services. 

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