Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Alongside our canopy, ductwork and ventilation cleaning services, we provide a quality kitchen deep cleaning service tailored to your requirements; from the cleaning of individual items to full kitchen deep cleans.

Our kitchen deep clean will:

  • Assist you to comply with Environmental Health issues
  • Reduce the risk of contamination by bacteria
  • Reduce the risk of pest infestation
  • Promote good hygiene practice and general cleanliness

Customers understand that their own daily cleaning will not eliminate all build-up of dirt and bacteria and rely on a professional company to completely deep clean their kitchen and catering facilities to combat these problems.

Our kitchen deep cleaning and the everyday cleaning by kitchen staff should complement each other. If your kitchen starts off on a high level of cleanliness, we believe your staff will be motivated to keep these high standards.

Our cleaning services include:

  • Cooking equipment – dismantled, fully deep cleaned and re-assembled
  • Structure and High Level Cleaning – including ceilings, walls, floors, and all kitchen fixtures and fittings
  • Canopy, ductwork and ventilation

Whether it’s a one off clean or the regular maintenance of your kitchen and floors we can provide a service to suit your needs.

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